Custom Cushions and Pillows

Luxurious Comfort, Tailored to Perfection: Custom Cushions and Pillows

Indulge in the art of elevated seating comfort with Cinnabar Home’s exquisite range of custom cushions and pillows. Designed to complement your distinct style, we craft a wide array of cushions, from banquet seating to window seats, daybed frames, and beyond. Our expertise extends to pillows of all shapes and sizes, providing the perfect finishing touch to your interiors.

Unveiling Comfort with Care

During a personalized home visit, we delve into your desires, exploring aspects of appearance, style, fabric, firmness, and longevity. Our goal is to align your preferences with the perfect cushion solution. We provide a rich selection of fabric samples, foam options, and everything you need to make informed decisions for your home or office.

Our fabric collection is vast and versatile, catering to every need. Choose from an extensive range, including Sunbrella fabrics, outdoor heavy-use fabrics, high-end outdoor selections for exclusive aesthetics, and luxurious home decor textiles for indoor applications. We have the perfect material for your project, whether it’s vibrant outdoor cushions or sophisticated indoor seating.

custom pillows on bed

Custom pillows and cushions in window nook

Crafting Your Vision

At Cinnabar Home, every cushion is a testament to craftsmanship. We can create virtually any size or shape cushions, ensuring they seamlessly fit into your space while adhering to your design aesthetic. Whether you envision plush comfort or sleek sophistication, our cushions are tailored to evoke your desired atmosphere.

Pillows: A Symphony of Style

Pillows bring character to your spaces, and we embrace this with our diverse pillow offerings. From standard shapes to creative designs, we cater to your imagination. Our commitment to quality shines through our selection of only the finest pillow inserts – no shortcuts here. All our pillow covers feature convenient zipper closures, combining elegance with practicality.

The beauty of pillows lies in their versatility, and at Cinnabar Home, we celebrate this. Shape, size, color, pattern, and trim are boundless possibilities. We understand that pillows are not just accessories but expressions of your style and comfort preferences, and we ensure they resonate with your unique personality.

Crafting Comfort, Crafting Art

Cinnabar Homes’s dedication to craftsmanship extends from drapery to cushions and pillows. With meticulous attention to detail, premium materials, and a personalized touch, we create seating solutions that redefine comfort and aesthetics. Let us elevate your seating experience with tailor-made cushions and pillows that reflect the essence of your space. Contact us to embark on a comfort, beauty, and style journey.