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About Us

Cinnabar Home offers high-quality, private-label lines of home furnishings and accessories that are available exclusively to us. We are your destination for sophisticated, elegant, one of a kind, high-quality furnishings and accessories from around the world. In addition, Cinnabar Home is committed to featuring high quality, well-designed, American-made furnishings; specifically upholstery, chairs, and custom-made cabinetry.

Each item in our show room has been hand-selected and is sure to add a layer of elegance and character to your home. Cinnabar Home is committed to using low toxin, chemical-free materials whenever possible to ensure your home is both elegant and safe for you and your family.

C.Bailey Ramsden

C. Bailey Ramsden, Cinnabar Home's founder, has over 15 years of interior design expertise, and offers a full range of interior design services including window treatments, furniture selection & design, fine art selection, paint color consultation, and more. Bailey is now embarking on the launch of Cinnabar Home, a labor of love that incorporates her passion for high-quality, functional home design, and beautiful one-of-a-kind furnishings and home accessories from around the world.

Bailey began traveling to China 10 years ago, but has a life-long appreciation for Asiana. As she began to study more about design principles, she grew to appreciate even more, the elegance, functionality, and ability of old Asian design to blend and adapt seamlessly into any style. She is able to combine her extensive experience with more traditional main stream styles of design and can integrate beautiful, one of a kind Asian pieces to create a unique and eclectic fusion.

Bailey has a great passion for fine art, and is committed to supporting and featuring local artists in her showroom whenever possible. She also has a deep interest in supporting women-owned businesses across the globe, believing that when women are given the resources and support, they will help to feed, nurture, and educate their communities and build a healthier, more sustainable world.

Over the years working as a designer, she began to notice her extreme sensitivity to petroleum-based, synthesized chemicals. She has researched extensively to find and use only the best organic and/or low toxin materials that are safe for even the most sensitive individuals. Bailey is thrilled to have found lines of bedding, upholstery, home and self care products that are safe and low in harmful chemicals, without compromising beauty, elegance and high-end luxury.